At Whidby Jewelers, we offer the following services:



Whidby Jewelers employs only the best jewelry repair professionals.  Repairs are completed on site and are stored in our safe.  Whether you are in need of a simple ring sizing or a complete redesign project, you can trust Whidby Jewelers to do the job.  Our jeweler, Shannon Tewksbury, has 20 years of experience and apprenticed under master jeweler John Baker.  Her skills allow her to work on all precious metals, gemstones and diamonds.  Lest us take care of your jewelry repairs.  We also offer watch repairs as well.


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Fine jewelry should be insured which requires an appraisal from a certified gemologist. Most insurance companies require a document that includes a description and valuation of items. We used standard gemological instruments including the refractometer, 64X microscope, polariscope, dichroscope and ultraviolet short and long wave instruments to determine this stones identity.  All gemsstones are graded while in mounting and are approximate.  The jewelry appraisal is made and accepted upon the express understanding that the appraiser assumes no liability or responsibility with respect to any action that may be taken on the basis of an appraisal. For a complete evaluation both gemstones and diamonds must be identified and graded.  Accuracy is a necessity and takes time.  We are certain to give your jewelry the time it deserves.  Please give us a call to discuss your appraisal needs.  

Pearl Stringing 

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 If you have recently broken your pearl strand or pearl clasp, Whidby Jewelers can help.  Your pearls remain on site and are handled by a trained pearl professional.  Our pearl experts carefully count and clean each pearl before beginning the  pearl restringing process.  After cleaning, the pearls are strung on a silk thread, with precise, hand-tied knots occurring after each pearl.  Once the pearls have been knotted into position, the thread is attached to your clasp with French wire – a decorative shield meant to protect the thread from being weakened by the clasp.  Once stringing is completed, your pearls are inspected and are ready to wear!